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At TOCO, we enjoy the start of every workday.

It makes us feel good knowing that we can help entrepreneurs and accountants make their everyday life easier.

How do we know? TOCO is created by entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of the market, because they have experienced those themselves. 

TOCO is made for people who want to manage a business, not the inherent financial paperwork.

Digital Lovers

It makes us feel good, knowing that we can help entrepreneurs and accountants have a better everyday life.

Yes! Welcome an all inclusive tool.

Today there are many tools that ease the pains of financial administration.

However, make them work together can be challenging.
We break the mold and push the limits of financial administration.

It’s a unique ecosystem that connects partners, data, and 3rd party software. We make stakeholders Together Connected, we are TOCO!

Our Team

Philippe Kimpe


Olivier Constant


Veroniek Willen


Iris Geudens

Business Development

Sven Beauprez


Lieve De Ruyck

Customer Success Manager

Gino Heyman

Software Architect

Wim Roegiers

Senior Developer

Jonas Koops

Business Analyst

Evelien Dhont

Product Owner

The financial compass that keeps you on track

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