TOCO acquires sector partner Booqee

Ghent – Brussels – New York: TOCO acquires sector partner Booqee. This acquisition builds a solid bridge between SME and its Accountant. TOCO acquires 100% of Booqee.

TOCO was founded at the end of 2018 from a spin-off of The Glue (Investors Jürgen Ingels & Stefan Dierckx) and is an indispensable application for entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur closely monitors his financial situation by bringing together several bank accounts in one portal where all documents, invoices, transactions and accounting data can also be found. Mid-2020, TOCO was one of the first B2B fintech companies without a link to a major bank to receive the PSD2 license from the National Bank of Belgium. This license allows to retrieve account information and offer payment solutions.

Booqee was founded at the end of 2017 and built a user-friendly platform to quickly and easily exchange data between accountancy firms and their customers. Booqee helps to make the time-consuming process of data collection as painless as possible and has invested heavily over the past year in connectivity with existing (pre-accounting, DMS, post-accounting) packages. Today, Booqee serves customers in Belgium and the US.

Philippe Kimpe, CEO TOCO: With this strategic acquisition we accelerate the roll-out of our product roadmap. The digitization of administration and digital invoicing will continue in the coming years. Bringing together financial administration, ePayments and action-oriented insights brings a lot of added value. By serving the entrepreneur and the accountant together, we respond even more strongly to this.

Pieter-Jan Vrancken, co-founder Booqee: We look forward to being part of TOCO. TOCO has a strong story towards the SME, Booqee a strong story towards the modern Accountant. By joining forces, we can create synergies and speed at product level and take steps internationally.

For more information, visit or contact us:
Philippe Kimpe, CEO – 0475/494249 –
Pieter-Jan Vrancken, CCO – +1.(917).941.5006 –

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TOCO acquires sector partner Booqee

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