A warm welcome to our newest teammember, Iris Geudens.🥳

We are delighted to welcome our newest teammember, Iris Geudens, as Sales Executive for TOCO. Iris is no rookie when it comes to working for a start-up, as two times start-up founder at the age of 25. Data and automatization are just a few of Iris’s passions.

What challenges do you like in your job?
“I have a strong problem-solving mindset and that comes in handy in a start-up where everyone has an all-round package of tasks. I like to work with passionate colleagues. Who, like me, are motivated every day to take on all the challenges. TOCO is in full growth and I want to contribute to that growth.”

Why did you choose TOCO?

“As I got to know the TOCO team during the application period, I immediately got the feel that TOCO has a motivated team with a lot of knowledge and a strong vision. As entrepreneur I experienced the problem that TOCO build a solution for, so I believe in the strength of our product.”

What can we contact you for at TOCO?

“I’m the first point of contact for entrepreneurs and accountant that want to get to know TOCO. So contact me!”

What is your favorite motivational quote?

“The ones that are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” Steve Jobs

Any Questions, contact Iris on sales@toco.eu

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