Discover our new payment functionality

Financial administration is more than just invoices. In fact, managing invoices without an overview and without payment status and payments is… a life without TOCO! 😲To make the experience even better we have: Reworked payments on documents from the ground up (visible and invisible) Made the payment status smarter And… added a new payment functionality: […]

Invoice creation in TOCO

Hello, my name is Jonas Koops, Lead Analyst at TOCO.Today we launch the next phase for TOCO: from now on you not only deliver your documents in TOCO, you can also create your own sales invoices in TOCO! No more Excel, Word, manual calculations or wrong invoice numbers but everything correctly in one place. Before […]

Get to know our completely renewed document table!

Hello, my name is Jonas Koops, Lead Analyst at TOCO. Hopefully, our mission is well known by now: assisting entrepreneurs with their financial administration. And where does it all start: with the documents. That’s why our first blogs in January were about uploading, editing and forwarding documents. But, we didn’t sit still. You sent us […]

TOCO supports 6 new accounting packages / scanning solutions

Hello, my name is Evelien Dhont, Product Owner of TOCO. Our goal is and will always be to help entrepreneurs with their financial administration and we do this by constantly adding new functionalities to our platform. What’s new on our menu this week: Email integrations. What exactly do I mean by that and how you […]

How can you convince your customers to work together in a digital environment?

You are convinced about the benefits of working in the cloud and have already decided to introduce CODA files, OCR technology or a cloud CRM in your internal ecosystem. You know this is the best way to move forward. Automation is required nowadays to enable new tasks in your firm with more added value than […]

Keep your work processes optimal by making the right choice of tools.

Easier said than done?! We fully agree that there is a solution to every problem in your office in the form of a tool. But do all these tools communicate, do you get no overlaps, do you have to re-enter data, can you remember the different logins… and is the software simple and intuitive to […]