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A holistic approach

The idea of TOCO began in 2017 when we where asked to build a customer portal in order to bring efficiencies.

Taking a holistic approach on the question, it quickly became clear to us that only a portal that starts with the needs of the entrepreneur can ensure streamlined processes at the financial serivice provider.

Entrepreneurs get frustrated by their financial records. This is because many parties are involved and the information is spread across many applications and tools.

With TOCO we provide a central place for this information and we ensure that entrepreneurs and accountants can work together optimally.


From chaos to structure

Are you also tired of collecting your invoices at the end of the quarter and sending them to the accountant?

Start your central digital archive on TOCO now, integrate your bank account information, manage your payments and forward them to your accountant. All from one platform! Convenient, isn't?

TOCO is made for you as an entrepreneur. We make it as simple as possible for you. Scan, click, ready ...Maintaining your financial records has never been easier.

Our mission is to make your life easier and we do this by combining our skills with the latest technology.

Digital archive

Collect all your invoices and business documents in TOCO. TOCO ensures that everything is digitized and can be retrieved super fast.

Bankinformation & payments

In TOCO you have an overview of your bank accounts and you can link bank transactions to documents and invoices. Handy because then you know that your administration is complete!
Payments are also possible. Load a document and we will extract the payment dates! With the QR code you can finalize the payment.

Collaboration with your accountant

Don't wait until the end of the quarter and send your documents directly to your accountant. This way your bookkeeping will be up to date faster and your accountant will be able to advise you better!

We help entrepreneurs and accountants to make their daily live easier

TOCO was founded by entrepreneurs who understand the challenges of the market because they have experienced them themselves.

We bring together varied competencies and extensive experience from three sectors: Accountancy, Banking and IT. Together we provide innovative solutions that make it easier for you and your accountant to work together.

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Meet the team!

It makes us feel good to know that we can help entrepreneurs and accountants to make their daily lives easier.

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    Bram Casier

    Sales Executive

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    Lieve De Ruyck

    Customer Succes Manager

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    Evelien Dhont

    Product Owner

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    Jonas Koops

    Business Analyst

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    Wim Roegiers

    Senior Developper

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    Gino Heyman

    Software Architect

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    Sven Beauprez


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    Veroniek Willen


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    Philippe Kimpe