Hi, I am Evelien, Product Owner on the TOCO Platform.

In the past blogs we explained how easy it is to upload documents on the platform and forward them to your accountant. In this blog I want to show you that it takes only a few seconds to retrieve any document stored on the TOCO platform. A purchase invoice to invoke your warranty f.e. Piece of cake to find it back!


Ok, this paragraph is a bit technical, but it helps you understand why you can retrieve your documents so easily on our platform. If you open an image, for example an invoice uploaded on the TOCO platform, on your PC, you can read the text, but a computer does not recognize words in an image. That’s why we use OCR technology. OCR is the abbreviation of Optical Character Recognition. OCR looks at each line of an image and attempts to determine if the black and white dots represent a particular letter or number. In other words, thanks to OCR a picture with text is turned into real text. That’s what we need, because once we have the real text we can easily search on text in or linked to the document. The OCR scanning starts as soon as you upload your document and by the time it finishes we have stored each word of your document in our database.

Tags & Comments

When you upload documents on TOCO you have to complete 3 mandatory fields: file name, type of document and payment status (all are pre-filled or have a default value). But for retrieving a document it is the 2 optional fields that matter most: ‘Tags’ & ‘Comments’. By giving tags you can categorize documents. F.e. use the tag ‘insurance’ to tag all your insurance related documents or use the tag ‘loans’ for all your loan installments. Or even further, use tags to link invoices to different departments, such as ‘Human resources’, ‘ Accounting’, ‘Sales’ etc. You can enter several tags per document. To separate tags use the ‘Tab’ or ‘Enter’ button.

Notes are mostly used to add additional information to the document which is relevant for you and/ or the accountant. F.e. PC of Jane or ‘paid by credit card’ or page 1 is a company expense, but page 2 is a private expense’.  You can enter as much text as you want.

How to retrieve documents?

Each view under the ‘Documents’ menu offers a search functionality. You have a search bar on top of the ‘inbox’, the ‘Send to accountant’ tab and the ‘Archive tab’. Additionally, you can also search in the tab ‘Company files’.

As explained above, each word in a document is stored. You can therefore search in 3 ways:

  1. On every word of the document
  2. On a particular tag
  3. On comments

If you search on a particular word, tag or comment, the document list in that view, f.e. the ‘sent to accountant’ tab will be reduced displaying only those documents that match the entered search word. If the search word is found in the content of a document, that document will be shown in the correct line with the search word highlighted in yellow.

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