Hi, my name is Jonas, Lead Analyst of TOCO.

We all know that our financial documents are the basis of our financial administration. By reading our previous blogs, you know how to deal with them on TOCO. Besides having your documents, the second most important part is being able to pay them and keep track of the ones that are paid and which are not.

Pay your invoice

Paying your invoice on TOCO is a piece of cake. Your bank being open/able to read the universal European payment QR is however not always the case. Unfortunately the banks can decide themselves wether to implement this or not. Let’s look at the flow how it works in TOCO.

When you open an invoice in TOCO you will see the PDF of the invoice and all corresponding details already filled in by our OCR. The second tab of this document shows you the options to pay this invoice. To make sure all data is correct, you need to first check the OCR’d payment information and afterwards you can create the above mentioned QR code. This QR code is scannable with KBC, Belfius and Bunq banking apps.
You scan the QR code, your banking app shows you all the payment information and you can confirm. After your payment, you can easily indicate the invoice as paid.

Payment status

Every invoice in TOCO has a payment status. This way you can easily keep track of invoices paid, unpaid, overdue, etc. This information is displayed in your inbox so you can see in a glance where you still need to take action.

Tip: pay attention in setting the payment status correct when uploading your documents in TOCO. This off course is essential in your further processing of the documents.

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