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Simplify & automate your administration!

TOCO takes care of your administrative tasks by using smart & innovative technology like OCR & A.I.
  • TOCO automatically collects your documents & invoices
  • TOCO builds a digital archive, approved by government
  • TOCO processes your invoice without manual input
  • TOCO creates your invoices
  • TOCO integrates PSD2 payments (coming soon)
  • TOCO visualizes Peppol invoices (coming soon)

Connect 24/7 with your bank, accountant & accountancy platform!

By using multiple data connections, TOCO combines the power of all your platforms into one portal, smart & convienent!
  • TOCO connects with your current accountancy software
  • TOCO communicates with your accountant
  • TOCO synchronizes your financial administration with your bank accounts
  • TOCO integrates PSD2
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Create transparancy in your financial reporting!

TOCO pro-actively creates your task list and provides 24/7 relevant and actionable data
  • TOCO generates real-time reporting, analyses & insights
  • TOCO structures your administration and makes your data searchable
  • TOCO integrates Silverfin Pulse reporting

From beginning to end, Together Connected.

From the very first moment, our team will support you with the implementation of TOCO. Growing together. That's Together Connected!

Onboarding & Training

We guide you step by step to help you master TOCO. Our service team can easily be contacted

Belgian company with offices in Ghent

TOCO is being developped in Belgium. Our service team is also located in our offices in Ghent.

Maximum security guaranteed

We invest a lot in security for your peace of mind. We are recognised by the NBB, and undergo the same audits as banks.

Your data, no-leaving cost

You remain owner of your data, leaving TOCO doesn't cost one euro an is easy

Available online & via app

You can use TOCO online or download our app in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Automatic backups

Don't worry about backups, we'll make them for you.

At TOCO, we enjoy the start of every workday.

It makes us feel good, knowing that we can help entrepreneurs and accountants have a better everyday life.