TOCO makes your life easier!

Manual processes slow down your administration TOCO automates those processes for you!


TOCO automatically retrieves data from invoices received, expense receipts and bank statements .

Always up to date

Keep track of your administration practically automatically and send invoices to your accountant in seconds. Your bookkeeping is always up to date.


Contact your accountant and forget the quarterly rush to send invoices to him.

Entrepreneurs love TOCO

Strong features that simplify your administration and make your life easier!
TOCO archives all your invoices
Scan & pay. One click... done!
Centralize all your documents
TOCO avoids double invoicing
TOCO combines all your banks in one portal
TOCO creates your task list
TOCO makes sure you find each document... fast
TOCO creates financial transparancy

TOCO connects with existing accounting packages

Connect your platform? Contact our service team!

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Toco in numbers!

We continuously develop TOCO based on the feedback of our users! Need a specific integration? Contact our service team!
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