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TOCO centralizes and digitizes all documents of your financial administration,

  • TOCO helps you to centralize and digitize all documents of your financial administration, such as invoices and contracts. We use OCR technology to convert photos or PDFs into readable text. This way, all your documents become easily searchable.
  • Invoices must be paid and sent to your accountant. With TOCO you can now do all this from 1 application. This way you can easily keep track of which invoices have already been paid, make your own payments and send the documents to your accountant.
  • Because you now have a place to centralize and manage your documents, you no longer have to wait until the end of a quarter to send everything to your accountant. Keep your administration up to date and avoid stress at the end of a quarter.
  • You want an overview of all your bank accounts. With TOCO you have an overview of your account balances and your bank transactions. These transactions can be linked to documents in TOCO. This way you can see at a glance whether your administration is complete!
  • To have and keep control of the ropes! TOCO is your digital archive.

  • Gather and organize all your business documents.
    These can be invoices, contracts or official documents, such as statutes. This way you have everything directly to hand. Make notes and use labels to easily find out what you are talking about later.
  • TOCO is your search engine.
    Search and find documents and payments quickly. All your documents are searchable for all words in the document. For example, you can easily find the invoice for your mobile phone without knowing the supplier.
  • TOCO is your payment app.
    Have an overview of all your bank accounts and pay easily with pre-completed payment orders. Now you can use CODA and the QR code that you can use as a KBC or Belfius customer. Once TOCO has received a payment licence from the National Bank of Belgium, you can make payments from any Belgian account.
  • TOCO is your anchor with bookkeeping.
    Send your invoices and relevant documents directly to your accountant so he can keep your bookkeeping up to date. No more rush at the end of the quarter to gather all your documents.
  • TOCO is a communication tool.
    Go in consultation with your accountant and your colleagues, save communications on documents and share documents with your accountant
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  • TOCO is not only your anchor, but also your compass.
    Check your numbers, and adjust if necessary. Your accountant can provide you with interim validated reports, such as balance sheet and profit and loss account, via TOCO. Moreover, you can check up to invoice level.

  • TOCO, destination paradise!

    TOCO is not an accounting package. TOCO is made for entrepreneurs who do not do their own bookkeeping, but arrange this through an accountant. TOCO ensures that your bookkeeper receives your documents digitally and can work with you optimally.

    You can work perfectly with TOCO without your bookkeeper working with TOCO. You can still send your documents to your bookkeeper via email. Nevertheless, we do advise you to involve your bookkeeper, because that way you can enjoy more options.

    Because a solution where you manage both your documents and your bank account information is unique! You bring together different sources of information - your archive, your bank information and your bookkeeping - allowing you to work more efficiently yourself. For example, by linking documents to your bank transactions. This way, you never have to search for what that payment was about again.

    oh yeah! As soon as an invoice is uploaded in TOCO, we extract the relevant payment data using OCR technology. You can verify this data and a QR code will be generated. This QR code can be used in the banking apps of KBC, Belfius and Bunq. Eventually we will expand the payment options in TOCO so that you can initiate a payment from any bank account.

    TOCO helps you and your office to digitize.
    Our vision is that your collaboration with the entrepreneur goes further than just exchanging documents. That's why TOCO offers more than the traditional shoebox! We digitize processes where you interact with your customers.

    Especially the forwarding of documents and the communication with your customer are central to this. But also the exchange of insights and reports is not lacking here.

    Furthermore, we are convinced that the entrepreneur will only use tools when there is added value for him/her. Our focus is on ease of use and functionality for the entrepreneur.

    TOCO has different types of integrations which allows us to integrate very flexibly with different packages

    . The most extensive integration we have today with Exact Online and the solutions of Wolters Kluwer, Adsolut and ExpertM. These are deep integrations, which are integrated with your processes and where we also return information from the accounting package to the end customer.

    TOCO is built with the vision that all connections are possible. Does your accounting package have an email address where documents can be delivered? That's fine! Also then TOCO is a perfect solution for the digitization of your office.
    Fill in the form and we will look into the possibilities together with you
    . Indicate here which software you work with and wish to integrate with

    Thanks to our integration with Silverfin your customers will receive your customized reports in TOCO.
    TOCO also integrates with Codabox, so you can make account information from different bank accounts available to your customers at a glance.
    TOCO will also integrate with the banks to retrieve account information but also to initiate payments.

    Additional services will be added at a later stage, just think of applying for a credit file. Our vision goes much further...we want to bring together all the parties and information that an entrepreneur needs in his financial administration, think of social secretariats, business counters, insurers,...etc.

    With our partners, TOCO wants to become the portal for the entrepreneur where all information comes together, accounting, financial and fiscal!

  • TOCO focuses primarily on the entrepreneur. Because we are convinced that you have to give the entrepreneur added value in the first place before he or she helps to make your own processes more efficient.

  • TOCO is more than a digital shoebox. Don't expect your client to use a tool where only one-way documents can be sent to you. TOCO is focused on added value for the entrepreneur and interaction with you as an accountant. Documents are of course essential in this, but we also provide a digital archive, which is easy to search, and the possibility to make payments and get account information. Moreover, as an accountant you will have the possibility to make reports available - directly in the platform where the entrepreneur is every day to collect and pay his invoices.
  • TOCO was built from a holistic view on a customer portal and focuses mainly on the entrepreneur. So TOCO is much more than a digital shoebox. It is a solution with which the entrepreneur manages and automates his financial administration.

    A central digital archive, easily searchable and the ability to pay and link bank information to invoices. From a portal where the entrepreneur is working on a daily or weekly basis, the documents will reach you, the accountant, faster and the entrepreneur will be able to view that financial report more quickly. In this way, your processes also become more efficient.

  • If you work with Exact, the documents will be delivered in the digital mailbox. TOCO creates the necessary mailboxes itself, so you don't have to manage or set up anything yourself.

  • Do you work with WK - Adsolut/Expert-M? Then your documents will end up in Basecone. From there you can automatically book to Adsolut or ExpertM

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  • Do you work with other packages? If you don't work with TOCO yourself, your client can send an email with a download link. Does your accounting package have an email address where your client can send documents? Then that email address can be configured and the documents will be sent directly to that email address. If you do work with TOCO, you have the extra possibility to download the documents of your client on the platform itself.

  • I got a invitation for TOCO through my accountant. Congratulations! You can immediately forward documents to your accountant via TOCO. Your documents will be sent directly to your accountant. The quicker you send documents, the quicker your accountant can get to work to get your bookkeeping up and running.

  • I discovered TOCO myself. That's very nice!
    • Click on 'Get Started' to register on TOCO and get started!
    • Are you already registered? Check if your accountant is already on TOCO? You can do this by going to the settings of your company. Choose Accountancy and click on "Find your accountant". If your accountant is already on TOCO, your accountant will receive a message from us, so he can arrange everything to connect you to your accounting software. Is your accountant not on TOCO yet? Unfortunately, but in that case you can continue to use TOCO. You can provide an email address of your accountant. We will then send all documents from TOCO to that email address.

  • Congratulations! You're a star! We encourage you to discover our features right away!

  • Start loading your documents for your bookkeeping! You can upload documents in the following ways
    • Via our app. Download it in the appstores
    • With the charging function in TOCO itself
    • Forward documents to your TOCO email address. To do this, you must first publish the email address you are going to use in TOCO. This is done by whitelisting the email address. Go to your Documents page, next to the TOCO email address you will find a cog where you can add your email address.
    • Can you send scanner documents? Then configure your TOCO address in your scanner. Whitelist the email address of the scanner (see above) and your documents will end up in your TOCO inbox after scanning.
    are fully searchable on all text in the document. Handy if you want to find something quickly.
  • Use the tags to catalogue documents
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  • Use the note to keep track of things about the document or invoice. These notes are just like your digital post-it!
  • Payments in TOCO? Yes, you can! Do you have an account with KBC, Belfius or Bunq? Then you can scan the QR code generated in TOCO with your banking app.
  • Do you want account information in TOCO? Do you have a subscription to CODA via Codabox? Then you can get your own CODA files from TOCO. Go to the settings of your company and make an integration with CODA. You will receive a token via email with which you can finalize the link. As soon as there are transactions on your account(s), you will automatically receive your bank information.
  • Send the documents to your accountant. Check with the question above 'How do I get started' if you have taken all the steps. Have you? Then nothing will stop you! Have fun!

  • Yes, there are! And they're coming all the time, so keep an eye on us!

  • Send your documents from your scanner directly to your TOCO inbox.
    • Configure the TOCO email address in your scanner.
    • Whitelist the address of your scanner as allowed sender in TOCO
      • Go to Documents
      • Besides the TOCO email address you will find a cog where you can configure the addresses
      • TIP: Don't you know the address of your scanner? Send a document from your scanner to your private email address. This sender is then the email address of your scanner.
    • Scan a document and send it directly to your TOCO inbox.
  • Find back documents easily by working with the Tags (e.g. invoices paid by credit card you can give the tag 'credit card' (or 'KK', 'Visa', 'MC'...). If you are looking for credit card transactions, just enter the tag in the search term and all invoices will be listed
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    TOCO works through all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Since Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 10 in 2020, we do not recommend working with this browser.


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