The rush at the end of the quarter is no longer there for me. TOCO informs me on a daily basis of what I have paid and what I have to submit an invoice or supporting document for to my accountant.

“TOCO helps me to keep an overview of my bookkeeping. A digital archive where I can find everything, the possibility to send it to the bookkeeper and to be able to make payments … all from one portal … That is for me the great added value of TOCO. In addition, I get more insight […]

“At Xerius, we don’t believe we should build our own platform for our customers. We have a stronger believe in platforms like TOCO to push the information that’s needed.

“A party that is knocking at the door is TOCO, I would recommend accountants to keep an eye on this player because the approach of bringing different stakeholders together (accountants, entrepreneurs, banks, soc secretariats…) is a unique view and demanded by the market.”

“Our strengths complement each other perfectly, so that we can support our customers – independent accountants, accountancy firms and entrepreneurs – even better in their daily financial reporting. By enabling the integration between our software packages and the TOCO platform, the end user will have a more user-friendly, digital experience.”

“Did you know that &Robin has officially become a reseller of TOCO?! Because we too go for a story in which all stakeholders are ‘Together Connected’.”