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FAQ Entrepreneur

To have and keep the ropes in your hands!

TOCO is your digital archive.
Collect and organize all your business documents. These can be invoices, contracts or official documents such as articles of association. So you have everything right at hand.

Take notes and use labels to easily know what it’s all about later.

TOCO is your search engine.
Search and find documents and payments quickly. All your documents are searchable for all words in the document. This makes it e.g. easy to find the invoice for your mobile phone without knowing the supplier.

TOCO is your payment app.
Have access to all your bank accounts and pay easily with pre-completed payment orders. Now still via CODA and the QR code that you can use as a KBC or Belfius customer. Once TOCO has received a payment licence from the National Bank of Belgium, you can make payments from any Belgian account.

TOCO is your anchor with the bookkeeping.
Send your invoices and relevant documents directly to your bookkeeper so he can keep your bookkeeping up to date. No more rush at the end of the quarter to collect all your documents.

TOCO is a communication tool.
Consult with your bookkeeper and your colleagues, keep communications on documents and share documents with third parties (such as your bank, insurance fund, etc.).

In addition to all this, TOCO is also your compass.

Keep an overview of your figures and make adjustments if necessary. Your accountant can provide you with intermediate validated reports, such as balance sheet and profit and loss account, via TOCO. Moreover, you can check up to invoice level.

TOCO, destination paradise!

TOCO does not oblige the cooperation with an accountant, but we strongly recommend it!

By enriching the functionalities of TOCO with the feedback of your accountant and the data in your bookkeeping, you will get even better insights into the direction you are going!

That way, TOCO really becomes your financial compass!

You can link your bank accounts by requesting CODA (coded daily statements) from your accountant. He can then do the necessary to link these CODA files to your TOCO.

This gives you an overview of all your accounts without having to log into your various banking apps. These accounts are also easy to search. This makes it easy to check whether a sales invoice has already been paid or if you have paid the purchase invoice yourself.

As soon as TOCO has the payment license of the NBB, you can link your bank accounts via your bank to TOCO, both to check your last account balance and to initiate payments in TOCO.

We start in Belgium, but the PSD2 legislation is for all European banks, so as soon as we have our PSD2 license, it will be a matter of making connections with all European banks.

Absolutely. That’s how TOCO becomes your communication tool.

These people will have access to your file and your digital archive. This way, everyone can see the correct status of the invoices (paid/unpaid & to be sent/sent to an accountant) and they can upload documents themselves. Moreover, everyone knows exactly what has been discussed with the bookkeeper.

Later on, TOCO will be expanded with different roles so that you can track down the administrative management via tasks to different people.

FAQ Accountants

TOCO is currently integrating with Exact Online. Very soon the solutions of Wolters Kluwer will be added. TOCO was built with the vision that all connections are possible. Fill in the form ‘Start today’ and we will work on a solution.

Thanks to our integration with Silverfin, your customers will receive your customized reports in their TOCO.
TOCO will also integrate with the banks, to retrieve account information but also to initiate payments. Later on, additional services will be added, just think of applying for a credit file.
Our vision goes much further…we want to bring together all the parties and information that an entrepreneur needs in his financial administration, such as social secretariats, entrepreneurial offices, insurance companies, etc.

Yes, via the message module in TOCO you can communicate very quickly with your customer(s). Your communications will end up on your customer’s timeline. This ensures that the customer can’t get over it. If you choose to send a to do in a message, you will receive immediate feedback on your timeline if the customer has done the to do.

This depends on a few factors. If you work with Exact Online, the documents sent by the customer will arrive in your Exact Online digital mailbox. Future integrations with other accounting packages will work in a similar way.

As long as your accounting package is not yet connected to TOCO, you can easily download the documents uploaded by your customer from TOCO. Soon it will also be possible to receive an email with a zip file

You can see in your customer’s file how many documents have been uploaded that have not yet been sent to the accounting package. This is useful because you can then at least encourage the customer to forward his invoices. This way, you don’t have to wait until the end of the quarter to book.

This is on our roadmap. It will be possible to send automatic reminders to the timeline of your customers for certain repetitive tasks, such as the annual recurring tasks of the financial year, e.g. the tax return.

A lot of information will indeed be entered and found on TOCO, but we will not become a CRM package.

We will become an open platform, where you can send data from your tools to TOCO, but at the same time you can also sync data from other sources, or confirmed by your customer, back with your solutions. This way both you and your customer win!

FAQ Support

TOCO works with all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari.

Since Microsoft will stop supporting Internet Explorer 10 in 2020, we do not recommend using this browser.

Powers of attorney of the bank and roles/rights in TOCO are independent of each other, but can be coordinated with each other.

If you want to make payments, the bank will check if you have enough power of attorney to do so. If this is not the case, the payment will not be made.

As long as a document has not been forwarded to your bookkeeper, you can remove it from TOCO in just a few clicks via the trash icon.
Documents that have been forwarded to the bookkeeper cannot be deleted. If a document was incorrectly forwarded to the bookkeeper, it will get a ‘refused status’ in your ‘sent to bookkeeper’ overview.

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