Marathon-stress! I’ll be in Seville on February 23rd. To run the marathon – at least that’s the intention…The last few days I mainly feel fear of failure…months of preparation seem to have been for nothing…legs are blocking, muscles hurt, I don’t speed up anymore and I only have an eye for things that can go […]

Hi, I am Olivier Constant, Chief Commercial Officer at TOCO. I am delighted to announce that TOCO is exhibiting at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 on 18 February 2020. This event has a focus on helping accountants with their digital journey by gathering in one place several experts sharing their experience, takeaways and recommendations. We, at TOCO, are […]

Hi, my name is Veroniek Willen and I’m responsible for Operations within TOCO. Much has been said and written about PSD2 (Payment Service Directive). Certainly for your financial service providers, such as banks and bookkeepers, it has been a popular conversation topic for some time now. But what does it actually mean for you as […]

That medal is mine! I ran the Seville marathon! The full 42.2km long! It was enjoyable until km 21…after that I had to fight with myself, against the pain and the fatigue. What was my ultimate motivation? I got excited with the thought that every kilometer I ran there was one closer to that medal…step […]