Discover our completely renewed customer list!

Hello, my name is Evelien Dhont, Product Owner at TOCO. TOCO assists entrepreneurs with their financial administration on a daily basis and we do so with all our heart! But, fortunately, we don’t do that alone. Entrepreneurs, regardless of their size, can of course always count on you, their accountant.

The TOCO accountants keep an overview via our client list. The past few months we received suggestions, tips and wishes to further improve this client list. Thank you for that! The result is a completely renewed list. I would like to explain the biggest changes below, but as an accountant you can discover them for yourself as of today on the TOCO platform.

New menu

Everything revolves around the customer, so we made your customer list the TOCO home page. We also simplified the main menu: you can directly click through to your messages and integrations, so you can find them easily

Curious about the new customer list as well? These are the biggest changes:

  • Displayed data: of course we still show the name, status and integrations of the customer. But, in addition, you can now also see at a glance the contact person and status of your customer.
  • Choose your own columns: from now on you decide which customer data you do or do not see. Click on the ‘Settings’ icon and select the desired columns. You can even drag and drop them in the order you want.
  • Integration status: not only the number of integrations is shown, but the different logos also indicate which integrations are active for this client. And if there is a problem with the integration or if no integration has been set up yet, we will of course give a warning.
  • Inbox customer: a much requested functionality: see how many documents your customer has in his or her inbox. This way you not only know what to expect, but you can also suggest to the customer to forward these documents as soon as possible.
  • To book: this number indicates the number of forwarded documents from the customer. So you immediately see for which customer you still need to process documents in your accounting package.
  • Messages: are there any unread messages? You can see that for each customer in this column

Different fields in the columns are clickable, so you can go directly to the overview page, integration page, accounting documents or conversations of the customer. Very handy!

Are you looking for a specific client/customer?

In addition to the above novelties, you can now easily find something in your customer list thanks to the following features:

  • Sort: use the arrows above the different columns and decide for yourself how to sort the customer list: by name, by status or perhaps by the number of documents to be booked.
  • Filter: filter on the status of your customers. Useful if you want to see for example which customer has not yet accepted his invitation.
  • Search: Type (part of) the company name, contact person or VAT number in the search bar and the list will only show the customers that meet these search criteria.
  • Favourites: Do you want certain customers at the top of the list? Then make them a favourite. On the overview page of the customer, just click on the asterisk in the top right corner and they will be first in the list.

What do you think about it?

We are looking forward to hearing what you think of our new customer list. So don’t hesitate to share your experiences or suggestions with us. Any questions? We are happy to help you! Contact us at

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Discover our completely renewed customer list!

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