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TOCO for Accountants

A single portal that lets you manage all your customers.

The new way of working in accountancy

The most advanced and modern accountants know that in order to improve their profitability, they need tools such as TOCO that allow them to save time and provide a service that their customers love.

The perfect portal for your clients

TOCO is the portal that enables you to modernise your office and automate the management of your customers, allowing you to provide better and more profitable advice.

Automate accounting

Turn your advice into a more profitable business by having a greater ability to manage customers with much less effort.

Add more value to your service

Offer your customers a more complete and personal service with which they will feel more satisfied. Mutual trust comes first.

Adapt your advice to the new market

Adapt your office to the new realities of the market with solutions that give you the service your customers demand.

Give them what they need to get what you want

That's our vision.

Give them what they need to get what you want

That's our vision.

Many tools in the accounting industry are made for accountants. That makes sense.
But your business is about your customers, isn't it?

That's what TOCO is all about.
Give your customers all the tools they need.
And you will get what you want!


We connect to your customer's banks
to automatically extract out
all their movements and
to quickly request the documents you need from your customers.

Based on PSD2 technology

TOCO Dashboard

Manage workload.

Easily monitor workload and priorities with our simple client dashboard.
Segment your customer base and never miss a deadline.

Certified by the National Bank of Belgium

Share the permanent file with your customer.
And let him complete it.

Always in sync.
And always available online for both.
Ready to share with third parties.​


TOCO is open.
Together Connected can be taken literally.

We connect with your accounting package.
In depth, we deliver customer documents where you expect them in your workflow.

Link your software yourself, without technical knowledge.

Generate full reports in seconds

Create complete reports with your customers' accounting information in seconds.
You will provide a much more professional service
without investing more time than necessary.

Do you already have Silverfin in your office?
Offer it to your client through 1 channel, no need to log in again.


With TOCO you give your customers direct access to PSD2 technology.

We connect all bank accounts of the entrepreneur.
From now on he has one bank portal instead of several.

Your profit?
The customer will upload documents faster.
The customer gets more insights and you give advice.
Follow all transactions live. And not 24 hours later.

Send news messages to your customers.

Not every customer is the same.
And not every customer needs the same news.
Filter by type of customer and
send the news items personal and targeted.

TOCO Filter Clients
TOCO Work Paperless

Work truly paperless.

It's possible! Sure.

You have permanent access to all your clients' files.
Searchable by word, status, payment status, booking status, etc.

It doesn't matter what package you keep their accounts in.

Easy access to all their files.
Their banking transactions.
All of them. Together Connected.

Go to TOCO, you'll find all your customers there.

From beginning to end, Together Connected.

From the very first moment, our team will support you with the implementation of TOCO. Growing together. That's Together Connected!

We import your data

If you already have your data in another application, export it and our technical team will import it for you.

Unlimited users

Use as many users in your office as you want at no extra cost. They have access everywhere and work at the same time.

Maximum security

We invest a lot in security for your peace of mind. We are recognised by the NBB, and undergo the same audits as banks.

Automatic backups

Don't worry about backups, we'll make them for you.

Free technical support

Whether it's by phone, email or chat, our technical support will help you free of charge. You can also read how to work with TOCO in our Help Center.

Onboarding & Training

We guide you step by step to help you master TOCO. You can follow the courses comfortably from your office, we will come to you or you can follow them online.

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Connections with 3rd parties

Our clients believe in TOCO

Here is what a few of them say

TOCO connects with
existing accounting packages

Every company has a plan. Choose yours.

Try TOCO 15 days free, no credit card or payment required.


  • Try TOCO Business for free
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From collection to payment
/ Month
  • Collect documents in 1 place
  • Use a 100% digital archive
  • Automatically read out data (OCR)
  • Search and find easily
  • Make payments in 1 click (QR code)
  • Consult your bank accounts (Codabox)
  • Link payments with invoices
  • Connect with your accountant
  • Use the TOCO timeline as your to-do list
  • Get important information about your company (*)
  • Use the TOCO APP

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TOCO stands for Together Connected.
That's our brand promise.
Anytime, anywhere.

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