Effortless Client
Collaboration for
Modern-day Accountants

Effortless Client Collaboration for Modern-day Accountants

Client-centric accounting firms’ worldwide partner with TOCO to improve client and staff productivity and to bring peace of mind.

The benefits for accounting firms of any size

We adapt to your firms’ needs, not the other way around. That’s what we call #openaccounting.

Recognised by the
National Bank of Belgium

Seamless accountant integration

Sync transactions into your favorite software, receive real-time notifications and more – using TOCO Connect.

Smooth, passwordless onboarding

TOCO is a turn-key solution. Clients are automagically invited and onboarded based on your CRM data.

Flawless document exchange

By enabling your clients with best-in-class document exchange tools, you can stop chasing your clients for these missing documents. Dossiers will now be timely, accurate and complete so you can focus on more value-added services.

Stay in the know

TOCO automagically pushes PDF reports, data and notifications from tools like Silverfin to your branded apps or attaches them to branded emails.

Sign documents instantly

Activate electronic signatures so important documents like engagement letters and annual reports can be signed instantly. Keep your business moving forward.

Pay invoices instantly

Activate electronic payments so invoices can be paid instantly by QR-code and PSD2. It’s safe and secure.

We’ve got you covered

TOCO can provide live support to your clients on your behalf, or we can provide you with the tools for seamless customer support.