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Entrepreneurs love TOCO

Digitize your documents, create a digital archive, easy to search and share, pay invoices and keep a view on your business figures.

Connect with your accountant and get the most out of your collaboration. Together connected!

Every company has a plan. Choose yours.

Try TOCO 15 days free, no credit card or payment required.


15 days free trial
  • Try TOCO Business for free
  • 15 days
  • No credit card or payment required


From collection to payment
/ Month
  • Collect documents in 1 place
  • Use a 100% digital archive
  • Automatically read out data (OCR)
  • Search and find easily
  • Make payments in 1 click (QR code)
  • Consult your bank accounts (Codabox)
  • Link payments with invoices
  • Connect with your accountant
  • Use the TOCO timeline as your to-do list
  • Get important information about your company (*)
  • Use the TOCO APP


Full business operations from 1 place
/ Month
  • Creating sales invoices
  • PSD2 integration (consult unlimited bank details and current account balances)
  • PSD2 payment initiation from TOCO
  • View reports of Silverfin Pulse (*)
  • Use a 100% legal digital archive
  • Visualize Peppol invoices
  • Manage multiple users
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Our clients believe in TOCO

Here is what a few of them say

Automation of your financial administration

The administration of your company takes a lot of time in manual processes that you can automate.


TOCO automatically retrieves data from invoices received, expense receipts and bank statements .

Always up to date

Keep track of your administration practically automatically and send invoices to your accountant in seconds. Your bookkeeping is always up to date.


Contact your accountant and forget the quarterly rush to send invoices to him.

Never search for an invoice again

TOCO is your archive.
Anytime, anywhere.

TOCO Payments

Scan. Click. Pay.

Scan. Click. Pay.
TOCO connects all your bank accounts in 1 portal.

TOCO File upload

Collect your documents

Collect your documents 
Scan them, take a picture, upload them.

Never send doubles again

See what documents you've already sent to your accountant.
And take a look at the status of your bookkeeping.

What's being processed, booked, or refused?
Never send doubles again.

Do you have a question?
Ask them, directly related to the correct document.

1 archive, accessible for you and your accountant.

TOCO Contact Accountant

Connect all your banks in 1 portal

TOCO connects to your different bank accounts.

An expense or incoming payment?
TOCO detects it and asks you to add the corresponding document.

Never search for documents again.
A single portal that reminds you to manage your administration and encourages you to take action.

TOCO tells you what to do

This makes TOCO unique. Your feed.

TOCO tells you what to do.

A payment you need to make, a document you are missing, a message from your accountant.

All in one feed.

A todo list, communication and insights in 1 clear overview.


Find everything

Your search is over.
Find everything.

Documents, conversations,bank transactions from various bank accounts.

Don't think, search and find.

Did you already hand over the invoice to your accountant and do you need it urgently?
No problem, you have access. Anytime.

TOCO Conversation

Get real-time insights into your business

With TOCO you share documents faster.
And your accountant prepares reports for you faster.

Don't wait until the end of the quarter to know where you stand. Win-win!

And it goes even further. 
TOCO connects your financial records, your bank and your bookkeeping.

That's TOCO, Together Connected!

TOCO Reporting

Automation of your financial administration

The management of your company takes a lot of time in manual processes that you can automate. With TOCO you save time and your business is much more productive.

One smart tool for today's entrepreneurs

With TOCO, managing your business becomes easier, faster and more efficient, so you only have to worry about making the best decisions.


TOCO automatically retrieves data from invoices received, expense receipts and bank statements .

Automatically extract data from your invoices and tickets

Nowadays it doesn't make sense to keep entering your ticket and invoice information manually to manage your expenses.


Contact your accountant and forget the quarterly rush to send invoices to him.

Make better decisions with real-time information
TOCO gives you a real-time overview of the most important information about your company, so you can make the best decisions.

  • How much money do you have at the banks?
  • How much money you have invoiced and not yet paid by your customers?
  • How much will you have to pay tax soon?
  • What do you spend the money on?
  • What is the profit that your company generates?

TOCO Chill
TOCO Extract data

Manually retyping your ticket and invoice details is a thing of the past.

TOCO automatically extracts the data from your invoices and tickets for you, saving you hours of work and eliminating human error in the process.

Download our TOCO app

Always carry your business with you

Download the TOCO app and within seconds you can scan and send invoices,
know the status of your bank accounts in real time,
digitize your purchases
and receive notifications so you won't miss a single detail.

TOCO stands for Together Connected.
That's our brand promise.
Anytime, anywhere.

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