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Entrepreneurs love TOCO

TOCO helps you navigate your business.

Digitalize your paper flows, connect with your accountant and service providers, share, create and pay invoices, all while keeping a 360° view on your company figures.

One smart tool for today's entrepreneurs

One smart tool for today's entrepreneurs With TOCO, managing your business becomes easier, faster and more efficient, so you only have to worry about making the best decisions.

Nothing more.

Discover the power of accounting automation

Managing your business takes a lot of time, especially through manual processes that you can actually automate. With TOCO you save time and your business is much more productive.

  • TOCO automatically retrieves data from invoices received, expense receipts and banking transactions.
  • Keep track of your bookkeeping practically automatically and generate -automatically- payment orders in seconds, and update your records with updates from your bookkeeping, even if your accountant manages them.
  • Contact your accountant in 1 platform.
  • And oh yes, from now on forget to send your forgotten documentation every month. You’ve already done that, every day. Updated in real time.

Collect documents

TOCO is your document manager with extra horsepower.
Scan and upload receipts, tickets, invoices, credit notes, contracts and other documents and share automatically with your accountant, your bank or social insurance fund.

All your bank account details on one platform. Make Payments

Connect TOCO to your banks and forget that you have to visit your different bank portals to get the data broken down. Now you have them all on the same platform, which allows a clear analysis of your company’s financial status.

What’s more, you can include all movements in your accounts automatically and with the greatest possible security.

Analyze the evolution from month to month of both the inflow and outflow of money into your accounts, and the total balance. Of all your accounts

Automatically extract payment information from received invoices. 
All you have to do is approve the payment.

Communicate easily

Start the day with a peek at your TOCO timeline, push information to your accountant or other service providers, never miss a deadline. Check what’s on your to-do list, maybe you need to contact your banker? It’s all there.

Remember Everything

A single portal that constantly reminds you to manage your administration and encourages you to take action.

Quick search and find

Easily find the document you’re looking for by searching for a word that appears in the document or a tag you may have added when you saved the document in your TOCO.

Reporting & Insights

You share documents easier with your accountant, he gets your reporting done fasterGet real-time insights in your business.

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