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Communicate easily

The heart of your business.

Start the day with a peek at your TOCO timeline, push information to your accountant or other service providers, never miss a deadline. Check what’s on your to-do list, maybe you need to contact your banker? It’s all there.

TOCO collects all conversations in one overview.

Communicate easily with your accountant, third parties and government.

Share your conversation with others instead of retyping the history.

Apply for a credit with your bank and send useful information at once.

Receive useful tax alerts from your accountant.

The timeline on TOCO collects all conversations, actions, reports and payments.

In one overview.

Communicate easily with your accountant, banker, notary and staff.

Search and find your conversations.

View the document you're talking about,
make your conversation visual and meaningful.

The financial compass that keeps you on track

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