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Remember everything

Be more efficient.

A single portal that constantly reminds you to manage your administration and encourages you to take action.

Don't forget a thing with TOCO

Start your day with a peek at your TOCO timeline. Check what's on your to-do list, never miss a deadline.

Get a reminder when a document, publication or contract expires.

Maybe you need to send a document to your accountant, make a payment?
Trust on TOCO to be your second memory.

Never miss a deadline: VAT declaration, Taxes, Social Security payments.

Not just another timeline.

An active overview of all your todos, payments, conversations, documents, legal news, ...

Collect information and documents in a central archive, save time and eliminate paper archiving.

Take it easy, just TOCO.

1 archive with all your purchase and sales invoices.
Ordered per period.

Enriched with the correct accounting information;

  • booking number
  • booking date
  • ledger

The financial compass that keeps you on track

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