Digitalise your clients with TOCO

Digitalise your clients with TOCO

Hello, my name is Evelien, Product Owner of TOCO.

In the past blogs we have paid a lot of attention to the different functionalities on our platform. After all, helping entrepreneurs with their financial administration is our goal. But, we don’t do that alone, for that you have your accountant in the 1st place. That’s why in this blog we further explain how your accountant can add your company in TOCO, set up your file and invite you.


Working together digitally, easily and efficiently, that’s what TOCO stands for. If you already work with TOCO as an entrepreneur, you can easily invite your accountant.

If you do not yet work with TOCO, your accountant can easily set up your file and invite you to collaborate digitally via our platform. Feel free to ask him about it!

How do I add my client as a bookkeeper?

As an accountant, you can easily add a new client via the ‘Clients’ menu. On the top right you will see the button ‘+ New client’. After clicking this button, the wizard for adding a new client starts. The following steps have to be taken:

  1. Find your client by VAT number or name

  2. If necessary, complete the company data further (we retrieve the data directly from the CBE).

  3. Tell us who the contact person is

  4. Check all data on the overview page and confirm

  5. The new client is now created and appears at the bottom of your list of clients.

Setting up my client’s file

Your client has now been created, but has not yet been invited. It’s best to wait with that for a while. To ensure that your client can immediately start forwarding documents and enjoy all the functionalities of TOCO, we will first complete the file.

Click on ‘integrations’ after the name of the client in your list of clients or click on the name of the client and then select the ‘integrations’ tab. Here you can indicate which integrations apply to this file. Attention: integrations such as Exact Online, Wolters Kluwer (coming soon) and Silverfin will only be shown on file level if you first activated this integration for the accounting firm. This can be done via Settings > Integrations.

So you can directly activate the correct accounting package or Silverfin file for your client.

And do you work with Coda files? Activate them once as accountant and they will automatically be shown for each entrepreneur (VAT number) for which you have activated Coda’s. No set-up on client level is needed, also see our video about the CodaBox integration.

Invite client

Now that your client’s file is completely in order, all you have to do is invite the primary contact. Go to your client via the list of your clients in the ‘Clients’ menu or via the list on the home page. In the ‘General’ tab, you will find a button in the right-hand column to send the invitation. For security reasons, this link is not valid indefinitely. If it has expired, you can re-send the invitation here.

The contact person will now receive an invitation by e-mail. This e-mail indicates that you, as accountant, have invited this person for this company. The contact person only has to choose a password and his account has been created.

As soon as he or she logs in, he or she will see his TOCO portal, as fully set up by you as accountant, and he or she can start forwarding documents.

Tip: you can clearly see the status of your client in the client list. This changes from ‘created’ to ‘invited’ and finally ‘active’ as soon as the contact person is logged in.

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Digitalise your clients with TOCO

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