Discover our new payment functionality

Financial administration is more than just invoices. In fact, managing invoices without an overview and without payment status and payments is… a life without TOCO! 😲
To make the experience even better we have:

  • Reworked payments on documents from the ground up (visible and invisible)
  • Made the payment status smarter
  • And… added a new payment functionality: the payment basket. Ideal for large payments and grouping of payments.

How do I pay my invoice or adjust the payment status?

Each invoice has a payment status in TOCO. Last summer we did a very thorough job behind the scenes, but in the end it’s very easy. There are three different statuses: unpaid, partially paid and paid.
When an invoice is unpaid and the due date is known, we help you on your way by indicating how many days you have left to pay. If you are late in paying, you will see ‘Overdue’.

You can manage this status by manually indicating that the invoice has been paid or by making or registering payments. I’ll summarize the possibilities:

  1. Mark as paid
    Have you already paid an invoice? Mark it as paid. One click and you’re done.
  2. Pay now
    Pay your invoice using the European QR code. TOCO generates a QR code, you scan, confirm and done.
  3. Register payment
    Do you want to keep track of how you paid? Register a payment as credit card, direct debit, bank transfer or cash.
  4. Add to payment basket
    Last but not least… Group your payments in the basket, deliver to your bank, confirm and ready. More about this below.

🚀 Two birds with one stone: do you link your invoices to your transactions in TOCO? Then this transaction will automatically be added as a payment to the invoice and your payment status will immediately be correct.

What can I do with the payment basket?

As mentioned above, you use the payment basket for two reasons: you have payments larger than the limit of your bank app OR you group your payments so you don’t have to enter them separately in your banking environment. With the payment basket you create a payment file (an XML file) with all the info for your bank (including the execution date). It works in 4 simple steps:

  1. Add a payment to your basket
  2. Check your payment basket
  3. Download the payment file
  4. Upload the file to your banking environment and sign it for processing

Give it a try!

Payments: I’d rather not, but if I have to… then easy! 💸
Keep an eye on us, at the end of this year we have even more payment convenience in store for you 😎

We are eager to know what you think. Please let us know via chat in TOCO or via

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Discover our new payment functionality

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