Forward documents digitally to your accountant: only 1 click

Forward documents digitally to your accountant: only 1 click

Hello, my name is Jonas, Lead Analyst on the TOCO platform. TOCO is the abbreviation of 'Together Connected' and that's exactly what TOCO stands for: easy collaboration with your accountant. In the next blog I would like to tell you how you can forward your documents to your bookkeeper in just 1 click.


In the previous blogs I already described how to easily upload your documents to TOCO: via the upload button or via your TOCO email address. As soon as they are uploaded you will find them in your inbox under the menu ‘Documents’ > Accounting. The inbox shows the list of uploaded documents that have not yet been sent to the bookkeeper. Which characteristics of the documents are shown, depends on their status. If they have been received by email, you have not yet filled in data such as ‘type of document’.

It is mainly the ‘type of document’ that is important. We send the type of document along to the accounting package. More specifically, we have several digital mailboxes for each type of document. This way, your bookkeeper can easily process the documents. Purchase invoices must be processed differently from sales invoices and so on.

Forwarding to your bookkeeper

On a document in your inbox you can perform 3 actions:

  1. Send to accountant

  2. Move to company files –> will be discussed in one of my next blogs

  3. Delete

Tip: If the ‘send to accountant’ button is greyed out, the file is larger than the allowed file size of your accounting package. Try to reduce the size of the document.

As soon as you have forwarded a document to your bookkeeper, the document will move from the tab ‘Inbox’ to the tab ‘Sent to accountant’. In the tab ‘Sent to accountant’ you will see the status of your document.

  1. Sent: document has been successfully sent to your accountant.

  2. Failed: document was sent unsuccessfully. Try again via the ‘Resend’ button.

The status of your documents

As soon as the document has the status ‘sent’, the document is delivered to your file in the accounting package of your accountant. Your accountant can now start processing your documents. From now on you know exactly when your accountant has processed your documents, because TOCO gives you back the status of the processed documents. In the tab ‘Sent to accountant’ you can see that the status of your document has changed to:

  1. Booked:document has been booked by your bookkeeper.

  2. Refused: document has been refused by your accountant, e.g. because it was a private payment

To consult the booking number of a document, open the document (by clicking on the document name) and then you will see the status and booking number from your bookkeeper’s accounting package on the top right.

Your bookkeeper doesn't work with TOCO yet?

You can of course also use TOCO if your bookkeeper has not yet taken the step to TOCO. How to do so will be explained in one of our next blogs.

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Forward documents digitally to your accountant: only 1 click

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