Invoice creation in TOCO

Hello, my name is Jonas Koops, Lead Analyst at TOCO.
Today we launch the next phase for TOCO: from now on you not only deliver your documents in TOCO, you can also create your own sales invoices in TOCO! No more Excel, Word, manual calculations or wrong invoice numbers but everything correctly in one place.

Before you start…

You can find the sales invoices module in the main menu at the top. You can’t miss it, but just to be on the safe side, we give you an indication the first time you log in.

Before you create your first invoice, please check some basic information in the settings:

  • Your own address filled in correctly?
  • Load your logo so your invoice looks nice and personal.
  • Fill in your IBAN number. After all, you want your invoice to be paid as well
  • And choose the starting number of your first invoice. For example, if you have already made 10 invoices for this period in a different way, choose to start with number 11 for your first “TOCO sales invoice”.
    Oh yes, you can also choose a prefix for your invoice. For example, if you want the year before your invoice number or something else, that’s possible!

Creating a sales invoice

Now you are ready to make your first invoice. The first time you make an invoice, you will see a wizard that will guide you quickly and clearly. If you prefer to just do it, you can skip the wizard.

In short, these are the steps:

  1. Fill in all data (especially customer and articles)
  2. Use the preview to view your invoice
  3. Finalize the invoice

Tip: if you invoice a customer every week/month/…, duplicate the previous invoice and only change the date.

What do you think of it?

We are curious what you think of our invoicing module. So don’t hesitate to share your experiences or suggestions with us. Any questions? We are happy to help you! Contact us at

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Invoice creation in TOCO

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