Our new homepage: a warm welcome

Hello, my name is Evelien Dhont, Product Owner at TOCO. TOCO assists entrepreneurs on a daily basis with their financial administration and we do this by simplifying your administration and making it transparent. Based on your suggestions and questions we have redesigned our homepage. The biggest changes, I will explain briefly below, but you can discover for yourself as a user from today on our TOCO platform. We look forward to welcoming you!

What does our homepage offer?


Our dashboard wants to give you an overview of the 3 important parts of your administration: your inbox (unsent documents), your invoices to be paid and your cash flow:

  • Your inbox: at a glance you can see which documents you still need to process in your inbox. We show you which documents are new (not yet processed) and the total number of documents in your inbox. One piece of advice: send them on a regular basis to your bookkeeper, so your bookkeeping is always up to date and your bookkeeper can advise you even more.
  • Unpaid: Which invoices will expire soon and which ones should have been paid already? Click on the number and we will give you an overview in the new tab ‘All documents’. Yes, we have a new tab ‘All documents’ where you can find the documents from your inbox, sent to accountant and archive. Handy, for example, to search over all your invoices.
  • Cash flow: What do you still have to pay and what do you have to receive yourself, you can see that in your cash flow overview. Also here you can click through to the filtered tab ‘All documents’.

Getting started

We’ll take you step by step to discover the platform, because that’s how you can really discover all the benefits of TOCO. Tell us who your bookkeeper is so that you can work together in the best possible way, upload your first document and send documents to your bookkeeper in the desired way.


On your timeline you’ll find a chronological overview of your messages, important alerts (e.g. your email upload contains an unsupported file format), our TOCO blog full of tips & tricks and much more.


Our widgets offer you extra info depending on, and tailored to, your business! Shortcuts to your data, such as the KBO, are always available. But, link your bank accounts and we’ll show your bank balances at any time. And if your accountant works with Exact Online, some charts are also available.

Welcome tour

To give you a warm welcome, start our welcome tour the 1st time on the new homepage. During this digital tour you will immediately get to know this new page. Very handy, isn’t it?

What do you think of it?

We are curious what you think of our new homepage. So don’t hesitate to share your experiences or suggestions with us. Any questions? We are happy to help you! Contact us at support@toco.eu

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Our new homepage: a warm welcome

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