Save time: upload invoices via your TOCO email address

Save time: upload invoices via your TOCO email address

Hi, I am Evelien, Product Owner on the TOCO Platform. The key word of your financial administration is documents. Luckily, more and more counterparties allow you to receive your documents in a digital way, but how to forward those digital documents from your mailbox to TOCO? That's where this blog is all about.

Where to find my TOCO email address?

Before you receive your TOCO email address, you need to whitelist the senders of the documents. Why? For security reasons. Invoice fraud is a hot topic at the moment, therefore we want to prevent that persons or companies which are not indicated by you as ‘safe’ can forward digital documents to your TOCO inbox. That’s in short what white-listing means.

Under the ‘Documents’ menu you will find a wizard  at the very top that will guide you in creating your TOCO email address. You click on ‘add email address’ and enter 1 to 5 allowed sender(s). These can be your personal email addresses, but also the email address of one of your most trusted suppliers, so they can send your purchase invoice directly to TOCO. As soon as your TOCO email address is created, the wizard is no longer visible and instead your email-address is shown. Managing allowed senders is of course possible at any time via the ‘settings’ icon just behind the displayed email address.

Why such a 'cryptic' email address?

We care about our customers, and as explained above we want to assure only allowed documents are received in your TOCO inbox. Adding complexity to the email address makes it more secure and very hard to ‘guess’. But, fortunately, you don’t have to type or remember the email address. If you hover over the email address it is automatically copied to your  clipboard. Add it once to your address book/ contacts of your email provider and you can forget about it forever so to speak.

How to forward the PDF documents?

As of now, forwarding your PDF documents is a piece of cake. Go to your email inbox, choose ‘forward’ and select your TOCO email address. Just a little later the document(s) will arrive in your TOCO inbox, ready to be processed.

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Save time: upload invoices via your TOCO email address

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