Split and merge

Split and merge

Hello, my name is Evelien, Product Owner of TOCO.

You already know how to easily upload documents on our platform, but sometimes you want to edit those documents even further. Maybe you would like to upload all your documents at once and then split them further or maybe you would like to delete a blank page in a document? I would like to explain how to do that in the blog below.

Splitting up documents

Suppose you have uploaded a stack of invoices in one go via your scanner. This joint document is now in your inbox. Click on the 3 dots at the end of the document row and select the action ‘Split’. Your document will open in the window ‘Split or merge documents’. In this window you will see all the separate pages of your document. As soon as you stand between two pages of your document, a blue dividing line with a pair of scissors will appear. Click and your document will be split from there. All pages after the dividing line will slide down and form a new document. You can immediately give this new document the correct name by entering a document name in the name field. You can keep splitting up until each invoice has become a separate document.


Delete pages

Does your document have unnecessary attachments or even a blank page? You can easily remove them in the ‘Split and merge documents’ window. Select the document you want to edit and choose the ‘Split’ action. In the window you delete a page by selecting it (you can see this by the page turning grey) and clicking on the trash icon. Do you want to delete an entire document? Then click on the trash icon at the end of a document row.


Merging documents

Do you want to merge multiple documents in your inbox? Then select them and choose ‘split or merge documents’ at the top. The ‘Split or merge documents’ window is displayed and you can easily drag and drop pages up or down (once selected).


Save changes

Whether you have split documents, deleted pages or merged documents, as soon as you click ‘Save’ the documents will be adapted to the new situation. Deleted documents disappear, modified documents are updated and new documents appear in your inbox. In order to keep the high performance search function that TOCO is known for, we need to scan the documents again, which is why you can see the ‘upload’ message temporarily. After that, you can perform all actions on documents again (forward to your accountant, to company documents, delete, …).

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Split and merge

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