The road to doing business through sports


I’ll be in Seville on February 23rd. To run the marathon – at least that’s the intention…The last few days I mainly feel fear of failure…months of preparation seem to have been for nothing…legs are blocking, muscles hurt, I don’t speed up anymore and I only have an eye for things that can go wrong.

So now it’s time to start believing in myself again! Storms like Ciara or Dennis couldn’t stop me. I can do this!

Good preparation is half the work

Running a marathon is a process and that process started about 3 months ago. Both body and mind have been trained for that one moment (although that one ‘moment’ is expected to last 4,5 hours   ). Running the marathon is the ‘reward’ for the hard work that has been done. And that it’s hard work, I can assure you! This is how I handled it:

  • Help from a coach

A training schedule works for me. Based on a fitness test, I had a training schedule drawn up at Energylab. The plan is based on my ability and I carry it out. 4 days a week. Without thinking about it.

  • Measuring is knowing – working towards a goal

Carrying out a training course is fun, but even more fun is keeping track of everything, seeing progress in numbers and getting “kudos” from fellow athletes in between. The last three months looked like this – according to Strava:

  • Setting priorities and growing character

Managing the agenda and scheduling training is a challenge. It takes character to put on your running shoes at night and brave the winter rain and wind for an hour.

  • Support from friends and colleagues

Running with an adapted training schedule is lonely. Luckily, I could count on a good friend to accompany me on the longer endurance runs. When I planned a training session at noon, the colleagues run with me enthusiastically. Thank you! You made those 54 hours a lot more enjoyable! 🙏

The reward

No matter how February 23rd goes – fast or slow, with or without a medal – the reward is already in. Despite the fear that occasionally overwhelms me, I feel strong and resilient: the mind is stronger than the body… And that feeling doesn’t only come in handy when exercising. It also helps to endure the rollercoaster of doing business. In any case, the 8 phases of a marathon are very similar to life as an entrepreneur   :

8 stages of marathon running

  • phase 1: excitement
  • phase 2: denial
  • phase 3: shock
  • phase 4: isolation
  • phase 5: despair
  • phase 6: ‘the wall’
  • phase 7: confirmation
  • phase 8: elation phase

So I’m confident I’ll get to Phase 8 on February 23rd! 🚀

What are your tips for getting through phase 3 to 6 – as an entrepreneur or as an athlete?


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The road to doing business through sports

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