TOCO will be participating at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 (Ghent)

TOCO will be participating at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 (Ghent)

Hi, I am Olivier Constant, Chief Commercial Officer at TOCO.

I am delighted to announce that TOCO is exhibiting at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 on 18 February 2020.

This event has a focus on helping accountants with their digital journey by gathering in one place several experts sharing their experience, takeaways and recommendations.

We, at TOCO, are at the heart of this digital journey since we aim to bring together connected accountants and their clients and enabling accountants to build a modern practice with maximum engagement of their clients.

Technology is transforming the accounting industry – over 50% of accountants now use cloud technology to serve their clients. But it can be tricky to engage your client with the apps that are helping them manage their finances. TOCO brings the answer.

TOCO is the first solution to provide additional value to the clients of accounting firms by automating his financial administration

  • TOCO connects accountants, their clients and bank transactions in 1 ecosystem

  • TOCO uses OCR technology to digitize client’s administration

  • TOCO creates a personal digital archive, approved by the NBB and FOD Financiën

  • TOCO offers instant and easy to use search and find features

  • TOCO replaces your online banking and lets you pay in 1 click by integrating the psd2 technology.

  • TOCO uses AI to optimize the data

  • TOCO automates the matching of payments with documents

  • TOCO is a communication tool between the accountant and his clients


Want to know more or test it for free?

Just come and visit us at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 or contact us on

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TOCO will be participating at #AllemaalDigitaal 2020 (Ghent)

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