Upload all your purchase invoices (or other docs) in just 2 clicks

Upload all your purchase invoices (or other docs) in just 2 clicks

I am Evelien, Product Owner on the TOCO Platform. The key word of your financial administration is 'DOCUMENTS', therefore I would like to explain to you how easy it is to upload your documents in our platform.

Where to upload?

The upload button can be found both in the top menu bar and under the ‘Documents’ menu. Clicking this opens Windows Explorer or Finder on your Mac.  Select one or several documents and confirm via ‘Open’. Oh yeah, we also support uploading multiple files at the same time!

Our upload modal is shown immediately and in the background we instantly start scanning your document(s). Why it is so important that we scan? We love to share that with you in one of our upcoming blogs.

Upload modal

Your (first) document will be shown in the upload modal. This is also the place where you enter and complete relevant document data.

  • Document name: pre-filled, but you can change it ofcourse

  • Type of document: we distinguish 6 types of documents: purchase invoice, purchase credit not, sales invoices, sales credit note, receipt and other

Selecting the right type is not only useful for yourself, but especially for the processing of the document(s) by your accountant. Accounting packages recognize the type of document and book and categorise them accordingly.

  • Payment: per default unpaid, only for receipts we pre-fill paid

  • Tags: add tags for easy retrieval later on

  • Notes: add notes to clarification

 If you have uploaded multiple documents you can either enter the data per document or choose ‘apply to all files’. Of course, the type of document and the tags will be the same for all uploaded documents, but you can easily adapt. Usefull if you want to upload all your sales invoices or receipts at once.

Confirm you entry via ‘save’ and your documents will be available in your inbox. You can view the details of a document by clicking on the name of the document or just anywhere in the document row. Then the document will be shown with the details of the document on the right.

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Upload all your purchase invoices (or other docs) in just 2 clicks

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