What is the current status of the TOCO platform?

What is the current status of the TOCO platform?

Hi, my name is Sven Beauprez and I am responsible for all things technical of the TOCO Platform.

October 2019 was an important milestone for TOCO. This was the first production release of the platform and it allowed our first users to test and grow the platform. Since then quite some users onboarded and use TOCO together with their accountant, fully integrated with the accountancy system of the accountant.

To give more insights into the platform and all the features we have today or that are expected in the near future, we start a blog series around the product and the architecture underneatch, the latter being more technical. In the coming weeks, Evelien and Jonas – our Produt owner and Business Analyst – will talk about documents, accountancy packages, bookings, payments, bank transactions, reports and much more to explain how to work with it in TOCO.

Next to that, I will elaborate on the architecture of our multi-tenant platform, the security, the availability, the business continuity, the different integrations, etc. to explain how we tackle different non-functional requirements and what we have done on a technical level to get a PSD2 license from the NBB (National Bank Belgium).

Just to give you a taste already, I’ll leave you with the webinar we recorded just after releasing into production. Lieve gives an overview of the platform in a demo environment, explaining some of the features that were available already in October 2019 (in Dutch). Know that we have worked hard since then to extend the platform with a lot more interesting features, which you will get to know in the next few weeks/months.

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What is the current status of the TOCO platform?

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